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Optiplan is a domain independent planning system for classical planning. The architecture of Optiplan is very similar to that of Blackbox (Kautz & Selman 1999) and of GP-CSP (Do & Kambhampati 2001), but instead of unifying satisfiability of constraint satisfaction with graph based planning, Optiplan uses integer programming (IP). Like Blackbox and GP-CSP, Optiplan works in two phases. In the first phase the planning graph is build and transformed into an IP, then in the second phase the IP is solved using the commercial solver CPLEX. The IP formulation is based on the state change encoding (Vossen et al. 1999), however, a couple of changes have been added to this encoding that "strengthen" the original encoding and make it more general at the same time.


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Optiplan is implemented in C++ using CPLEX Concert Technology, anyone who is interested in the code or running Optiplan, please contact me.